Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How is Endeavour Like the Seahawks/Panther's Game?

Whether you watched this past Sunday's Seahawks/Panthers game or not, you may have heard about how it started. Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers star quarterback and last year's NFL MVP, was benched during the first play of the game. (You can read all about it here.) Allegedly, Mr. Newton had violated the team's dress code over the week, and as a punishment, his coach, Ron Rivera, made him sit out the start of the game. On that first play, the backup quarterback threw an interception which later resulted in 3 points for the Seahawks, and arguably set the tone for the entire game (which ended in a 33 point Seahawks victory).

What does this have to do with Endeavour? Why does this matter beyond this football game? What am I rambling on about?

As the Endeavour Staff continues it's journey through launching PBIS this year, this series of events in this particular football game struck me as a perfect example of why we are engaged in the good work we're doing. Coach Rivera was unhappy with an aspect of his player's compliance in relation to a team rule. As a result, the coach issued a negative (seemingly unrelated) consequence, which quickly proved to have an overall negative impact on the whole organization.

What would have happened if, instead of choosing this route, the Panthers coach had positively reenforced the good decisions of others, and the good decisions of Mr. Newton, when he was making them? Maybe Coach Rivera could have focused on the magic ratio of 5 positives to 1 negative/redirection with Mr. Newton to reenforce their relationship and gain further cooperation using techniques of Love and Logic. If the Panthers had adopted PBIS this season, perhaps they wouldn't be struggling with a losing record.

Okay, you get that this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, right? Even so, there's some seriousness to it as well. Endeavour's focus on positive reinforcement is not only good for the individual kids with whom we're working, it's good for our organization as a whole. As always, there are kids who present behavioral challenges beyond the scope of what we have established. As these PBIS systems are further developed into Tier 2 and Tier 3, Endeavour will collaboratively build more structures to support those kids' needs. This year, however, we're reaping incredible rewards with the 80% or so of kids that Tier 1 is aimed to teach, support, and reenforce. Our lines quietly glide through the halls on the righthand side stopping at each AIM sign, our bathrooms have almost no graffiti and are not seen as the hangout spots they used to be, and our students are being recognized for always being respectful, solving their own problems, and making responsible choices.

It needs to be emphasized that these sizable steps in the right direction could not be possible without the hard work that Endeavour staff members are putting in. At every opportunity, please join me in thanking them for contributing to this success and persevering through the tough times when it gets overwhelming. As the principal of this outstanding school, I can say that it certainly feels great to be heading in this direction together.

If my writing chops were a little stronger, I'd end with a clever football analogy that ties this whole thing together. I'll just say this, when all is said and done, and Endeavour has thoughtfully and thoroughly developed Tier 1, 2, and 3 systems, addressing the needs of all of our kids, I'd be happy to pick up enough Gatorade to fill a bucket that we can dump over somebody's head, commemorating our success.

Go 'Hawks, Go Endeavour Explorers! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time to start a blog!

Hi Everyone.
Well, I've decided to start a blog. I know, I know, welcome to the 90s, right? 😃
Though most of my observations, items worth sharing, and general musings/celebrations are posted on twitter @MrGsOffice, I occasionally have things to say that exceed 140 characters. Those posts will live here. When I post to my blog, I'll link to it from twitter as well, so you can access all of your valuable Mr. Goodman news in one convenient place. I'm not sure how often I will post things here, but when I do, I hope you find them to be valuable or at least enjoy reading them.
~Mr. G